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Thank you Tina - Notes from Lori

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Once in a while the right person steps in to do the right job, at the exact right time, and makes such a major difference. Three years ago, Tina Ortiz stepped into the newly created position of Hospitality Coordinator and rocked the position.

Before Tina took the position, organization of our get togethers was patch worked together and without much change or originality. Tina stepped in and got us organized and inspired us to step up our game. The most visible demonstration of the difference she made has been seen in our Chaplain Celebrations each January. She has recruited an army of competent volunteers to help with set up, donations, tickets etc. The theme each year along with ideas for decorations were wholly inspired by her ideas. Tina has brought us our wonderful speakers, and found us delicious caterers. I am sure I am not alone in taking pride in and looking forward to our celebration each year. Tina, thank you for your hard work and dedication as ARCCC’s Hospitality Coordinator. I personally have enjoyed having you on the team and pray for what God has in-store for you in the future. God’s Blessings on you, Lori

Tina was a great hospitality coordinator

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