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Chaplain Training

The IFOC Training is required and  below trainings are highly recommended.  Requirements vary between types of chaplaincy, so ask an experienced chaplain. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. One of the first lessons we learn about trauma is that "high stress = low cognition". Training and a strong personal relationship with the Lord is key to an effective Corps.

First Step: Register for IFOC Class


To become a chaplain; one must first take the International Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC) Course. Each year, we host our parent organization; IFOC, to come train in Albuquerque. IFOC trains throughout the year at various locations. Upon completion of the IFOC Chaplain Training Course you may apply to become an IFOC Chaplain. Training is available throughout the US.

Additional Training

After completing the IFOC Chaplaincy course, these are our standard next steps. They are offered at various  times and places; so be sure to subscribe to our emails and watch for them.  Also many of these organizations have their own email subscriptions.

FEMA Courses


We recommend our chaplains take the following FEMA courses: 100, 200, 700, 800. These courses are free, online, independent study courses designed to teach you how to help within the current system of Emergency Management. One of the first rules of Chaplaincy is "Do No Harm" and these courses will instruct you on how to work with other agencies so you learn what is truly helpful.

CISM Courses


The International Critical Stress Foundation is our source for CISM Courses (Critical Incident Stress Management).  "CISM is an intervention protocol developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events.  It is a formal, highly structured and professionally recognized process for helping those involved in a critical incident to share their experiences, vent emotions, learn about stress reactions and symptoms and given referral for further help if required. Recommended Courses are: Assisting Individuals in Crisis, Group Crisis Intervention, Grief and Loss and many more.

K-LOVE Crisis Response Care

BCSO Citizens Academy


"K-LOVE Radio is currently hosting online courses. These are highly recommended and great quality courses. Many of us have received our CISM Individual and Group Classes from CRC. We have been given permission to download 3 manuals for you to review. To view them go to Member Section under DocuShare.

Crisis Response Training (CRT) is about impacting communities through training and supporting many first responder networks. Click link below to see the many trainings available.

Albuquerque Citizen Police Academy


"Partner with the BCSO Deputies and make a difference by taking an active role in being the caretakers of your community and your fellow citizens. Join our effort!"


NM VOAD Training


Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is an organization we are now affiliated with. In 2018, we began to train monthly as a NM VOAD Team in an effort to be ready when disaster strikes our community. We have teams ready to go. Come visit and see what its all about.


Prerequisites to be on a NM VOAD Team are the following:

FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 (see above)

CISM Group and Individual (see above)

"The Citizen’s Police Academy is a tuition free, twelve-week program designed to introduce members of the community to the Albuquerque Police Department.


The Academy is designed to teach citizens about the philosophy, policies, and guiding principles of law enforcement and ethical conduct governing police services in our community."

Many of our chaplains have received training from the Academy and have found it valuable in helping to meet the needs of our community.

IFOC Advanced Training


IFOC offers further training in the form of Advanced Chaplaincy Training, Leadership Training, as well as Conferences. If you are interested in training for these; see the IFOC website link below. If you are interested in being on the Leadership Team; please contact ARCCC via email.

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