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Families Schools

Community Group

FSCG is coming alongside people in the community to listen, offer encouragement and bring hope in time of need.


Goal: We aim to glorify God by loving our neighbors.

Vision:  Knowing that families are a basic building block to any healthy society; we propose to strengthen our community by offering emotional and spiritual care to families, teachers, and schools. By extension, we hope to brighten the lives of children in the Albuquerque Area.

Mission: Families Schools Community Groups Mission is to bring Hope & Resilience to teachers, administrations, staff, parents and by extension, children. We aim to prevent negative long-term effects due to stress from grief, loss, and other factors. We will do this by listening, encouraging and sharing with families and school employees. When more support is needed, we will refer to professional services.

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Our chaplains come from various backgrounds. Our corps is well trained. Each chaplain team is led by an experienced, well-trained chaplain. As we expand, we bring new chaplains in to shadow and learn so we can grow to better serve our community.


Below are some of our trainings.


    • Individuals in Crisis​

    • Grief Following Trauma

    • Group Crisis Intervention

    • Emotional / Spiritual Care

  • Stress Management

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Suicide Prevention

  • FEMA

  • and more...


Statement of Limitations: FSCG is not professional counseling nor psychological care. FSCG trains in Critical Incident Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, and Mental Health First Aid. We provide emotional & spiritual care to individuals. Chaplaincy acts as "emotional triage" for individuals who are experiencing stress and helps them determine next steps to restore hope and build resiliency.

Confidentiality and Mandated Reporter Statement: The purpose of confidentiality is to provide a safe place where concerns, questions, or burdens can be shared without fear of disclosure. It provides a context of respect and trust where hurting people can come forward seeking help without the fear of punishment or embarrassment. The only information that will be recorded will be contact information. 

As Mandated Reporters we are required to report any suspected cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation of the disabled, children or the elderly. What this all means is your information will be kept confidential unless you intend to cause harm to yourself or another.

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