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The seemingly simple; yet complicated topic. Please see below or email us with questions. Thanks for taking the next step!

What uniform you use depends on where you serve and what kind of event it is. We support many groups with chaplaincy and align ourselves with whomever we are being sent by. Many of our chaplains have a variety of uniforms. We want to look professional and represent chaplaincy well but it is also important for insurance purposes. 

ARCCC 2018 State  Fair 5.jpeg

The place to start is visiting the "Chaplain Resources Page" at website. Here you will find how to update your annual IFOC membership as well as the uniform policy. Please follow IFOC policy unless you are deploying with another organization. Our basic uniform for community service here in Albuquerque is seen in the picture above with the community logo seen here (right). Here is the Uniform Policy PDF. See pages 8, 9, & 10.

Common Uniforms you will see:

  • ARCCC Uniform - Basic (green/khaki)

  • ARCCC Uniform - First Responder / Officer (white or black) **

  • Billy Graham Rapid Response Chaplain Uniform (blue polos)

  • Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office Uniform (Burgundy polos)

  • Albuquerque Police Department Chaplain Uniform (Black uniform)

  • Fire Department Chaplain Uniforms (white/black)

  • Older ARCCC Uniforms (blue)

We gather from many resources to fulfill all uniform requirements; some at the IFOC store and some locally. See the website for details. You may order from here for your shirts, badges and miscellaneous items. You can go to Kaufman's on Juan Tabo for the pants, and other items you may want (shoes, etc.). Shoes should generally be black, closed toed comfortable shoes or boots (if you are deploying to a disaster site.) to protect your feet and ankles.

**Note: If you are on a first responder team, you will also want to identify yourself as part of our corps by adding the ARCCC patch to your shirt. Patches can be purchased for $5 from ARCCC and look like the logo below. These are placed on the left shoulder so that you are identified as an IFOC and an ARCCC chaplain. 

Feel free to contact us for more information and thanks!


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