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Emotional  &

   Spiritual Care

                 3rd Party Support - Confidential – HIPAA

Whatever your story, we are here to Listen.


Care for the Caregiver! (teachers, admins, staff)

When stress factors add up, it is natural to become overwhelmed. There is hope. We understand people need opportunities to talk and be heard. Let us come alongside and support you, so that you can continue doing your best! Support is the key to resilience. Resilience is the goal. Call us to make an individual "TLC" appointment with a Community Volunteer Chaplain. We are here to support you.


Email us at 

Note: due to low call volume, we have closed our phone line


We are here for you.

 We are here for you 

Chaplains are here to LISTEN to you, COMFORT you and give you safe and confidential people to talk with. We want to ENCOURAGE you and HELP you evaluate how you are doing.

 We understand your job is stressful 

We can also ASSIST you with emotional and/or spiritual care to PREVENT long term issues so that you can BUILD RESILIENCE and continue on your journey. We are not counselors, and are not here to replace professional psychological services.

 There is help for you 

Teachers bear many responsibilities. We see how you put in countless hours and energy to educate the next generation. Many of us are parents and grandparents. ARCCC is composed of local residents who volunteer to serve their community and to provide emotional and spiritual care – sometimes called “emotional triage.” 

Studies show that early intervention after trauma, within 24-48 hours, can greatly reduce and prevent long-term effects. We aim to support and help dissipate stress before it becomes harder to deal with.


Individuals may contact us via email at to make an appointment.  

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